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5 Days. 16 Speakers. 100% Meaningful Conversation.

The Meaningful Business Summit 2018 has ended. But don’t worry – you can still access all of the interviews via one of the packages below. 

The good news is whether there’s time for all the talks or just a part of one, it’s all just right. Plus, the workbooks are ours forever, so circle back to them again and again.  Bring the talks home for less than $2.50 per talk.

This is for the ones who are seeking solace from a business world built in the mold of aggressive capitalism.

This is for the ones who are ready to explore new ways of defining business and ways of working.

This is for the coaches and the healers, the writers and the artists, the dreamers, and the creatives.

This is for the ones who already know that the old, ‘traditional’ ways of work and business are not for them

…and who are ready to join the movement of those pioneering new ways of doing business, meaningfully.

The Vision

The Meaningful Business Summit is an online event designed to inform, enlighten and create a movement of meaningful business owners.

The business world (especially online) is constantly evolving and this can lead to excitement, opportunity, and at times, overwhelm.

We’re told to work longer hours, hustle harder, follow blueprints, ‘crush it’ and ‘reach six figures’ at all costs.

But what if that’s leaving us exhausted, burnt out, disillusioned and lonely?

I’m Jo Casey, Podcaster, and coach for meaningful business owners.

My work in the world is all about creating new types of businesses and new types of conversations about how we can create businesses and lives that are TRULY sustainable. Businesses that are sustainable Ethically, Emotionally, Energetically and Financially.

I’ve brought together some of the wisest, funniest, warmest and most insightful women I know to share their experiences and expertise in building their own meaningful businesses.

I’m sharing our conversations about how we can overcome our feelings of being an imposter, reclaim our places as CEOs, redefining what it means to be a ‘good’ woman, and overcoming our feminine conditioning so we can truly take up space in the world.

Conversations around how we, as meaningful business owners, can continue to create and build businesses that are sustainable for us as humans

What Is The Meaningful Business Summit? 


Five days of intimate conversations with thought leaders in coaching, finance, healing, therapy creativity, wellness, & diversity. Workbooks included. Entirely online.


An invitation to explore, discover and, define your own path to your sustainable, meaningful business. No guru required. Tuning into your inner compass. We are all pioneers in this industry and together we can create a future that works for us all.


Tending. Nourishing. Honoring.

We will gain practical insights about what no longer serves us and do it all from a place of creativity, integrity, and sovereignty.

Meet The Meaningful Business Summit 2018 Experts 

Lena West

Truth-telling, high-performance business coach and mentor to women entrepreneurs.  Creator of the CEO DNA process.  Helping you create a business that loves you back. All around rocker of worlds.


Sara Alvarado is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and change agent  who believes that the way to tackle difficult topics in both life and business is to show up real, raw, bold, vulnerable and always ready for fun.

Tanya Geisler

Leadership Coach, TEDxWomen speaker, &  writer – teaches women & women-identified people, how to step into their starring roles, own their authority, & overcome the Impostor Complex.


After a successful career in journalism at CBS News and NPR, Maggy is now a brand coach who helps small business owners discover and truly own their superpower

Liz Applegate

Holistic productivity coach who helps entrepreneurs create sustainable systems to tame business overwhelm and bust through procrastination and resistance.


Setting leaders free from the lies holding them hostage so they can be more powerful, productive, purposeful and profitable


Coach for people who want to leave their 9-5 and follow their passions.

Lover of  systems, streamlining and saving energy while you build your business after dark.


Creator, a Mother, and a Holistic Online Business Manager who helps women business owners create more time and flourish.


Speech coach and a master at effective storytelling. She wows audiences, crafts speeches and trains entrepreneurs at how to find their 3-word rebellion.


Speaker, Podcast & Executive Coach on a mission to eradicate burnout. Author of The book Practical Kindness, Owner at Kind Over Matter,


Writer, speaker, & coach, who merges intuitive gifts with practical realism to help heart-centered women gain clarity, refine their message & unleash their voice.


Profitability & marketing strategist. Helped gutsy small business owners confidently attract their best customers & grow their profits for nearly a decade.


Financial behaviorist & author of Financial Intimacy. Slightly obsessed with getting you to embrace the emotions behind money.


Psychotherapist, Money Mindset Expert, Speaker & Podcaster. Helping people heal their relationship with their business so that they can have financial success and emotional sustainability.


Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification & author of The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, & Live Your Courageous Life


Bullshit Averse, Freedom Catalyst, student. Creator of Women Living Unrestrained Helps women heal their relationship with their body, release the perfect woman story and embrace their freedom.

What We’ll Learn

Practical ways to deepen into the concepts of creating a meaningful business.

How to set healthy boundaries and use our voice as a way to foster stronger connections with our audiences and ourselves.

How to re-write unhelpful stories about what ‘success’ means, and develop our own definitions that place sovereignty and self-respect at the core of our endeavors.

Community baked in – engage, discuss and share ideas with fellow travelers, including our speakers, via a private Facebook Community.

Permission to earn more, rest more, and enjoy more – via the medium of our businesses.

How the Summit Unfolds

Five days featuring two to three hour-long interviews per day. Talks are available for 24 hours beginning at 9 am Eastern each day.

Free daily workbooks that are comprehensive with self-reflective journal prompts, questions, and activities for integrating the lessons offered in each of the talks.

Join the Meaningful Business Summit Facebook group after registering and gain access to year-long discussions about how we incorporate sustainable practices into our own businesses. 

All of the talks are available for purchase as a way to offer more time with them, plus there are some yummy bonuses (like one-on-one coaching & closed group calls) for more support.

About Your Host

I adore my work and my business but the way I was going about running it was killing me. I had inadvertently modeled my business on everything our culture told me was the way to do it – pushing, long hours, feeling guilty to take time off, and dedicating my life to my business. Financially things were going well – with clients I adored and programs that fed my soul. But it was balanced precariously. And there was no room for much else. My business demanded EVERYTHING I had. And I learned the hard way how unsustainable that was when late 2017, my daughter got sick. It was pretty serious and involved lots and emergency trips to doctors and a stay in the hospital. There were many sleepless nights, many days plowing through work, rescheduling calls with clients, feeling shitty because I couldn’t keep up with the things I’d committed to, let alone do anything to sustain business growth.

Once my daughter had thankfully recovered, I hit a tailspin. Not only had my business no sustainability built into it, neither did I as a human. My anxiety disorder that had been under control for many years came back with a vengeance along with my OCD (obsessive thoughts variety). I was more depressed than I’d been for many years. I was terrified pretty much all the time. My nervous system was on fire.

While mental health is a complex issue I knew that although my crash had been triggered by exhaustion and stress around my daughter’s illness, it had been in the post for a long time. The way I’d set up my business and subsequently my life wasn’t sustainable. Not emotionally, financially, energetically or ethically.

And in the truest sense of teaching the lessons you need to learn, I realized after many months of self-care and healing, that I needed to deepen my commitment to finding new ways of creating sustainability in all our work.

We need businesses that sustain and nourish us – not just provide for us financially in exchange for 60 hour work weeks.

We need businesses that feel great and allow us to share our gifts and message with the world. That change conversations. That create possibilities. AND we need tools, support, and fellow travelers because all of this involves creating new ways of doing things, new ways of caring for ourselves and those around us.

We’re pioneering you and me. We get to create the new model. We get to say how we’re going to do this.

Which is exciting, liberating and a tiny bit terrifying.

But I know we’re up to the job.

Jo Casey x

The Meaningful Business Summit 2018 has ended. But don't worry - you can still access all of the interviews via one of the packages below. 

The good news is whether there's time for all the talks or just a part of one, it's all just right. Plus, the workbooks are ours forever, so circle back to them again and again.  Bring the talks home for less than $2.50 per talk.



Got Questions? Great!


Are the talks accessible?

The videos can be slowed down if that helps with comprehension. Transcripts are available in the Gold level bonus package, but if a transcript is needed for accessibility reasons, just let us know!


Are the speakers paid?

YES! All of the speakers have an equal share of profits made from sales of the silver, gold an platinum package. One of the reasons telesummits got such a bad rap a few years ago was that most summits only offered their speakers "exposure". But paying people for their time is super important to the ethos of The Meaningful Business Summit. The bonus packages are how we pay the speakers, so it's a win-win. More access to their wisdom for all of us while they get compensated for their labor.

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